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We want to inspire and empower people to take control of their health and lives.  We want to change the way people experience and think about dentistry by building long-term relationships and through personalized and exceptional oral health care.


Dr. Thomas Bae, Dr. Rachel Paik, Amber Frescas (office manager), Angelica Mercado (registered dental hygienist), Lizeth Lopez (back office manager and registered dental assistant), KaLynn Martin (registered dental hygienist), Reyna Frausto-Flores (office coordinator), Alycia Ocampo (dental assistant), Erika Guerrero (patient relations coordinator), Rose Caranto (registered dental hygienist), and Rafael Ochoa (registered dental hygienist) have been involved in dentistry for well over 20 years and are passionate about providing the most exceptional dental experience and care for patients. We feel that the cornerstone of dentistry is a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.



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General Dentistry

The  Lifelong  Importance  of  Regular  Dental  Check-ups
We  are  a  prevention-oriented  dental  practice,  not  a  crisis-oriented  one.  Our  philosophy  is  to  prevent  or  control  dental  problems  rather  than  dealing  with  a  crisis  on  an  unpredictable  basis.  We  believe  that  this concept  of  providing  the  finest  preventive  care  possible  will  lead  to  minimizing  your  exposure  to  pain,  unpredicted  dental  visits,  and  money  expenditures.  Also,information  is  the  key  to  empowering  you  as  a patient  and  providing  the  best,  most  appropriate  preventive  dental  care  so  we  take  the  time  to  educate  our  patients. 


Cosmetic Dentistry

At  the  Brea  Dentistry  office  of  Dr.  Thomas  Bae,  we  make  every  effort  to  understand  what  you  as  a  patient  would  like  to achieve  before  we  begin  any  cosmetic  dental treatment.  The  same  holds  true  in  our  philosophy  and  approach  in  offering Invisalign  to  our  patients  throughout  Orange  County.  Talking  about  cosmetic  dentistry  is  not  as important  as  seeing  for yourself  what  we  can  do  to  create  the  smile  that  you’ve  always  wanted. 


Invisalign Orthodontics


The  aesthetic  effects  of  orthodontics  are  undeniable.  With  some  simple  correction  in  adolescence,  any  child  can  grow  up  with  a  perfect  smile.  Better  yet,  adults  who  missed  out  on  orthodontics  when  they  were  children  can  correct  alignment  problems  now  with  ease  and  convenience  with  Dr.  Bae  at  Cornerstone  Dental  Care  where  a  complimentary  Invisalign  consultation  is  provided.  

As  a  recognized  Invisalign  Premier  Provider,  Dr.  Bae  has  achieved  a  significant  level  of  experience  in  treating  patients  with  the  Invisalign  system.  Only  the  top  5%  of  Invisalign  doctors  in  the  nation  hold  the  Premier  Provider designation.

We  offer  Invisalign®  retainers  for  patients  who  want  to  improve  the  alignment  of  their  teeth  without  the  appearance  of  conventional  braces.  The  Invisalign®  system  is  nearly  invisible,  and  it  can  achieve  dramatic  results.

Not  only  can  Invisalign  address  aesthetic  concerns  but  also  address  functional  concerns.  Did  you  know  that  crooked  teeth  can  increase  the  accumulation  of  plaque  and  tartar  which  will  ultimately  lead  to  bone  loss  around  the  teeth?  Furthermore,  when  teeth  are  misaligned  your  bite  can  be  unstable  and  could  lead  to  jaw  joint  issues  and  destructive  forces  being  placed  on  the  teeth.

Whatever  your  reason  may  be  Invisalign  may  be  the  solution  for  you  and  Dr.  Bae,  an  Invisalign  Premier  Provider,  can  provide  the  a  custom  treatment  plan  to  meet  your  expectations.